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Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics, Inc.


A complete system for exosome collection to mRNA purification

The ExoComplete™ System

Exosomes and microvesicles (EMV), once thought to be merely waste excreted from cells, are proving to be viable biomarkers—unlocking the inner workings of cell behavior non-invasively and offering new insights into cell-to-cell communication in both normal and disease states. EMVs are released from cells and found in most human body fluids, including blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, and saliva. They encapsulate intracellular proteins, mRNA, and microRNA that can be used to help better understand the functions of cells at the molecular level.

Conventional methods of EMV isolation, namely ultracentrifugation, tend to produce clean samples but involve a difficult process that often produces very low yields. Likewise, conventional mRNA purification methods require organic solvent or lengthy washing steps which can introduce error and decrease yield. The ExoComplete was designed to overcome these issues.

The ExoComplete system isolates exosomal mRNA from biological samples such as plasma in a 96-well filter plate format1 and from larger-volume samples such as urine in a novel single collection tube format2. The process is streamlined from sample to mRNA isolation.

Key Benefits

  • One kit: A single platform from exosome to mRNA isolation
  • Seamless process integration: The protocol is a fluid 10-step assay that takes just 60 minutes of hands-on time (no additional total RNA step needed)
  • Sample versatility: Including serum, plasma, urine, etc.
  • High throughput: 96-well standard plates and urine collection tubes, High performance with low cost per sample
  • Easy to use: Fewer steps, Less hands-on time due to the proprietary design which also helps to reduce
  • Compatible with Standard Automated Systems

Reproducible exosome isolation

EMVs in body fluids are captured either with the Exosome Isolation Plate or the Collection Tube depending upon the sample type. A proprietary, filter material enables fast filtration of biological samples without clogging and reproducible isolation of EMVs without the use of conventional ultracentrifugation.

Direct mRNA purification

After lysing the captured EMVs, mRNA can be isolated directly through hybridization with singlestrand oligo (dT) immobilized in the wells of the 96-well mRNA Capture Plate. The advantage of this method over conventional magnet beads and spin column methods is a better consistency between well-to-well and assay-to-assay runs.

Aoki J et al. Posttransplantation Bone Marrow Assessment by Quantifying Hematopoietic Cell-Derived mRNAs in Plasma Exosomes/Microvesicles. Clinical Chemistry 60:4, 675-682 (2014).
Yamamoto, Cindy et. al. Urine Exosome mRNA in Diabetic Kidney Disease. ISEV 2015 Poster Presentation. April 2015


The ExoComplete™ 96-Well Plate Kit and ExoComplete™ Tube Kit are Research Use Only Products. Neither of these products are intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease, nor have they been validated for such use either alone or in combination with other products.